7 Smart Bicycle Tail Lights That Auto Turn On as You Move

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Having proper illumination on your bicycle is essential to ensure that you can be seen by others on the road, especially for night riding. A bike tail light has a significant role in your safety on the back of your bicycle as a warning signal when taking a brake or going to turn. It can avoid road accidents caused by people’s unawareness.

A good bike tail light can be seen from a far enough distance and is sufficiently tough and waterproof to accompany your outdoor activities. Usually, LED lights are used in bike tail lights since they are efficient and cheap to run. Most tail lights nowadays are battery-powered and rechargeable. 

Some tail light brands offer bright light and smart sensor technology. This allows the light to automatically turn on when your bike is moving and turn off when no movement is detected. It makes bicycle users convenient because they don’t have to turn it on or off. It is also a great innovation to save more energy.

Here are some smart bicycle tail light recommendations that automatically turn on as you move.

#1 Thrive in the Elements – Smart Bike Tail Light


You can protect yourself from surrounding vehicles and pedestrians using this 5-in-1 bike tail light from the ‎Thrive in the Elements brand. It is equipped with a brake light, warning light, electric bell, turn signals, and anti-theft alarm. Ensuring to be seen by others during the day and night, this product uses ultra-bright bicycle lights with 31 COB LEDs to bring the brightness up to 160 lumens with a 200-degree wide-angle design that gives you more coverage. Comes with six different lighting modes, you can choose between slow flashing, fast blinking, breathing, steady light, emergency light, and off.

Since it is a rechargeable product, you can enjoy your riding time without worrying about finding battery replacement. Its 3.7V 2000 mAh lithium battery can be fully charged for 7 hours and used for up to 70 hours in fast-blinking mode. For the security system, an anti-theft bicycle alarm can be set to make a loud, continuous sound to alert people to potential theft. 

The IP65 waterproof rating ensures the rear light can be used in all weather conditions. Thrive in the Elements provides a remote controller that can be attached to the handlebar. Moreover, with the auto on-off system, this product will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity to save more energy. It will also automatically turn on when motion is detected. 

#2 BikeSpark Auto-Sensing Rear Light

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The BikeSpark’s auto-sensing rear lights detect the bike’s speed with an innovative deceleration sensing algorithm. Once deceleration is detected, BikeSpark will increase the light brightness into an ultrabright mode for 2.5 seconds, alerting and improving the reaction time of the person behind. Equipped with an automatic on/off system, it will help you to turn the light on or off without having to remember manually. 

Using super bright LEDs, the BikeSpark light provides excellent long-distance and 220-degree visibility, up to 50 lumens, and with low power consumption. This product already complies with the ISO 6742 1/3/5 and Germany StVZO Regulations to help you ride safely, even on the darkest nights. Comes with a world-class vehicle reflector, it is able to provide up to 30% more than the regular reflector product.

#3 BSSOK Smart Bike Tail Light

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Comes with smart brake sensing technology, BSSOK smart bike tail light is able to automatically switch to the bright light mode when braking and ultra-bright for 2 seconds to enhance your safety. There are six light modes available that you can choose from, the steady on, quick flash, slow flash, rhythm flash, breathing flash, and eco flash mode. It is made with high-lumen LED bulbs and a fresnel lens, making your bike’s tail light more eye-catching. BSSOK provides a saddle mounting bracket and an adjustable silicone strap to mount on the saddle rail or the seat without extra tools needed.

This smart bike tail light includes motion and light sensors. It will be auto-switched off when it doesn’t detect any motion after 45 seconds of inactivity. Once it touches or detects bike movement, the light will automatically turn on. Whenever you ride under the sunlight, the light will be auto switch off due to the light sensor, but If you like to ride during the day and still need the tail light, you can use the manual mode. BSSOK smart bike taillight uses aluminum alloy housing, which feels great in your hand and looks great. It has excellent IPX6 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof functions, which is suitable for any harsh working environment.

#4 G Keni Smart Bike Tail Light

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Engineered with a smart brake sensing feature, this G Keni Smart Bike Tail Light can automatically switch to the bright light mode when braking and show ultra-bright for 5 secs lights as a warning for the rider behind. You can mount it under the saddle with a metal mounting bracket with an adjustable silicone strap. It is provided with four light modes to accompany your activities: the normal flash, breathing flash, fast flash, and steady-on modes. Its high-lumen COB Led makes you more visible, especially for night riding.

G Keni Smart bike tail light utilizes the motion and light sensor, enabling it to automatically turn off when no motion is detected after 30 seconds. The light will also automatically turns on when any movement is detected. As an energy-saving system, the G Keni light will automatically turn off when you ride under the sunlight. The manual mode can be activated if you prefer to set the light mode as you wish. 

Unlike regular tail light products, G Keni has an adjustable light brightness feature when you choose the steady-on mode. This lamp has a built-in 400mAh Li-ion battery that can last up to 50 hours when fully charged. You can monitor your battery left using the blue indicator lights. Made of an aluminum alloy shell, it has a nice touch and an elegant appearance. Plus, it is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, suitable for any harsh working environment.

#5 Padonow Smart Bike Tail Light

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Using the best COB LED and smart sensors technology, Padonow Smart Bike Tail Light can produce ultra-bright brake light, making you more visible to other road users and improving your safety in riding. Its smart flash and breathing lights automatically turn on when any movement or vibration is detected; otherwise, they turn off. It also has a super bright braking light to warn the people behind it. 

Padonow utilizes a light-sensing feature to make your riding more convenient. It comes with an intelligent sensor that will turn on the light automatically in low brightness conditions and turn it off in high-intensity light. It can help you enjoy your riding without switching the bike tail light on or off. This tail bike light is built with a safe and durable USB rechargeable polymer lithium battery that makes it able to be used for up to 60 hours. The IPX6 waterproof grade makes it easy to use in any weather. It also has a saddle mounting bracket with an adjustable silicone strap, allowing it to be more flexible during bicycle installation. 

#6 WSDCAM Smart Bike Tail Light

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This smart bike tail light from the WSDCAM brand is equipped with an electric horn, anti-theft vibration alarm, bike turn signals, and auto bicycle brake light functions. This technology is armed to ensure your safety when riding, especially for night riding. It is built with super bright and extra-wide bike taillights consisting of 31 high-end LED lights. It can produce up to 160 lumens of powerful flashes alert at night and during the day, enhancing visibility and safety. This device has six light modes: slow flashing, breathing, fast blinking, steady light, emergency light, and off, which can be easily selected by remote.

To access the bike turn signals, you just have to quickly press the R/L button of the remote that is attached to the handlebar before you turn, and the right /left turn signal lights flash with a click sound. Other drivers and pedestrians will not just see you but also hear you from afar and know exactly which direction you’ll take. Once you brake, the rear light will auto-highlight for 2 seconds to alert other drivers behind you, effectively avoiding rear-end collisions and traffic accidents. 

The electric horn function can produce a 110-decibel loud sound. At the same time, the anti-theft alarm system will be triggered by vibration to deter thieves effectively with 7-level adjustable sensitivity. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the energy-saving system. This tail light will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity in dark environments and turns on when motion is detected. In bright environments, it automatically turns off to save power.

#7 ROCKBROS Bike Tail Light Smart

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The Rockbros Bike Tail Smart Light has a smart sensor chip that will flash ultra-bright for 5 seconds, slowing down to warn others and enhance your safety. It comes with two mounts available, the rigid metal mount for under the seat and the rubber band type mount for the seat post and quick release. It will suit most bikes: road mountain bikes, beach cruisers, or scooters. It has four light modes for your choice, which can be toggled easily through with the center button: the normal flash, breathing flash, fast flash, and steady on mode.

High-lumen COB LED produces bright light to make you more visible. It is bright enough to be seen both day and night. Rockbros is armed with motion and light sensors that automatically turn off when detecting no motion after 30 seconds. Once it detects a movement, the light will automatically turn on again. It is powered with a USB rechargeable built-in 400 mAh Li-ion battery that can last up to 50 hours when fully charged. Four blue indicator lights show the remaining battery left to remind you to charge in time. This bicycle brake light shell is made of high-grade aluminum with a compact profile and elegant metallic appearance. Moreover, it has IP65 waterproof rating to withstand all types of weather conditions.

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