Aurora A5x: Mini Flashlight That Glows in the Dark Automatically


Oops, the power went off. Let’s turn on the flashlight. But where is it? You can’t find the flashlight without help from the flashlight. It’s a chicken-egg problem after all. The RovyVon Aurora A5x proposes a new idea; a flashlight that glows naturally when there is no light.

Aurora A5x is a mini flashlight that houses a bright 650-lumen LED. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 66 hours depending on the lighting mode. All of them are compressed in a weather resistance casing with the size of a pointing finger.

But the most important part is the material of the casing. It absorbs light automatically and when the light is gone, it would release visible green light which helps the owner find it in an instant.