DJI OM 5: Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer with Built-in Selfie Stick


The DJI Osmo is coming and it’s getting better on each release. The latest DJI OM 5 seems to be the most desirable smartphone gimbal in 2021. It features an extendable camera stick hidden inside the main body. The stick adds an additional 215 mm in length to ensure wider shots while still being relatively lightweight at just 290 grams (10 oz).

It still brings consumer’s favorite 3-axis gimbal technology, magnetic design, gesture control, and updated ActiveTrack 4.0 that keeps the subject in the frame instantly. The new magnetic clamp reportedly supports more smartphones brand and types than ever before. And for those who worry about dropping their phone when recording, DJI assured that the magnet is strong enough to carry 2 kilograms of weight while most phones are weighting at 1/10 of that.