Fairphone 4 is Environmentally Friendly Smartphone and It Comes With 5-Year Warranty


Many smartphone manufacturers claim they used recycled materials to reduce waste and help protect our planet, but so far, none takes this idea more seriously than Fairphone. Fairphone 4 is the latest culmination of the company goal to produce gadgets without hurting the environment.

It boasts a 3905mAh battery, dual 48MP rear cameras, Snapdragon 750G, and 5G to make sure that the connectivity technology would last when 5G became mainstream. And speaking about future-proofing, the company offers 5 years of warranty which incentivize owners to keep the phone on their hand as long as possible to reduce waste.

To accommodate that long lifespan, Fairphone 4 has been engineered to be fully repairable. Meaning if one part got damaged, it can be replaced instead of dumping the entire phone. To be specific, it receives a 9.3/10 repairability score which means anyone with basic tools could fix the phone themself. This could save a lot of money and actually a better deal for those who care about the planet.