HyperDrive USB Hub Gives iMac Front-Facing Ports With a Sleek Design


The new iMac is a complete redesign from its predecessor. Now, it’s minimalistic, thin, and of course, has no USB-A port. Out of tons of USB hubs in the market, the HyperDrive 5-in-1 USB-C Hub was designed for the new iMac in mind.

It comes with two additional USB-C and three USB-A. One USB-A port is specifically rated for higher power delivery which is useful if you want to recharge a small device from it. But the main proposition for HyperDrive is its design and color options. When installed, it blends seamlessly with iMac, giving the impression that it was part of the system.

Since all the ports are facing forward, you don’t have to turn around the device just to plug something into it.