Red Magic 6S Pro: The Gaming Phone with RGB Light and Fan


On gaming PCs, extra fans are often used to quickly dissipate heat generated by the CPU and GPU as they are working extremely hard to deliver pleasant graphics and flawless performance. Practically, most phones didn’t need that, but Red Magic 6S Pro is one exception. This gaming phone has an RGB fan to keep the device cool under high loads.

This fan can rotate up to 2000 RPM — that’s insanely fast considering most PC fans are rated to run about 1000 RPM consistently. And to make the colorful light visible, a transparent back enclosure is used. This means part of the internal components can be seen easily. Some people might find this design attractive and emphasizing the profile of a high-performance phone.

Not just aesthetics, the S6 Pro packs many gaming-exclusive features as well, including shoulder buttons, sliding trigger, 165Hz refresh rate, AMOLED screen, 5050mAh battery, and a quick charging mode that utilizes the fan to keep stay the phone cooler during the process.