This Car Seat Headrest Lets You Sleep Comfortably When Travel

Original price was: $32.98.Current price is: $23.95.

If you are a passenger, traveling a long trip in a car, you either put your head to someone’s shoulder that sits next to you or lean your head to the car’s window which vibrates a lot and really hurts. This car seat headrest is here to solve that.

It’s a relatively simple product but would be very helpful if you are on a long-distance trip in a car. The headrest allows your head to, well, rest on either side of the seat without interrupting the passenger next to you.

The installation can be done in minutes and when finished, the spindle can be rotated 360° to match with your favorite position. Ultimately, with this headrest, sleeping in a car won’t hurt your head and you will wake up at the end of the trip well-rested.