Tile Pro High-Performance Bluetooth Tracker Offers a Range of 100+ Meters

Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $26.93.

Get the Tile Pro in Black, with a range of 400 ft, loudest ring, and a 3-year built-in battery. Find your lost items easily with this sleek and powerful Bluetooth tracker.

  • Longest Range: Tile Pro has a range of 400 ft or 122m, making it perfect for tracking items even from a distance.
  • Loudest Ring: Tile Pro features the loudest ring among Tile products, ensuring you can hear it even in noisy environments.
  • 3-Year Built-in Battery: With a built-in battery that lasts for 3 years, you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries frequently.
  • Sleek Design: Tile Pro comes in a slim and stylish design in black color, making it look great on your belongings.
  • Easy to Use: Simply attach Tile Pro to your items and use the free Tile app on your iOS or Android device to ring, locate, and track your lost items.
  • Reliable Tracking: Tile Pro uses Bluetooth technology to track your items and updates its location whenever it comes within range of any other Tile user, ensuring accurate tracking.