Unihertz Jelly 2: The World’s Smallest Fully Featured Android Phone You Can Buy


Introducing Jelly 2, the palm-sized smartphone that offers superior visual quality, long-lasting power, and convenient features. With its compact size, vibrant display, reliable GPS, and fingerprint unlock, Jelly 2 is perfect for those seeking a minimalist lifestyle.

  • A Small Smartphone That Fits in Your Coin Pocket: Carry Jelly 2 effortlessly for nights out, workouts, or as a compact alternative to your full-sized phone.
  • Stable & Accurate GPS: Navigate with confidence during outdoor adventures, thanks to Jelly 2’s reliable satellite coverage.
  • Infrared Remote: Control your household electronics, like your A.C. or TV, directly from Jelly 2, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.
  • Dual Nano SIM & Micro SD Card: Stay connected with dual SIM cards and expand your storage conveniently with a micro SD card.
  • Fingerprint Unlock: Unlock Jelly 2 seamlessly with the fingerprint scanner, offering quick access and enhanced security.