VEEAPE Portable Air Compressor: Pump Tire Without Sore Hands


Do you still have a hand-pump tire inflator in your shed? If so, you must understand the enormous effort needed even to inflate a small bicycle tire. Switch to VEEAPE Portable Air Compressor and let its electric power do the job.

This air compressor is small, but it holds a pump that can inflate up to 120 PSI. Paired with a built-in 2000mAh battery, it can work continuously for 40 minutes before it has to be recharged. Additionally, the compressor comes with several adapters which makes it useful for a car, bicycle, and even inflating a ball or swimming ring.

But perhaps the most interesting part is that you can set the pressure level before pumping, so when the level is reached it would stop inflating automatically. This mechanism ensures the safety and your wheeler has its tire pressure right without you putting a lot of effort.