10 Best Wall Outlet Extender With USB Charging Ports

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There is a time when we are running out of gadget batteries and our charger is missing. Sometimes, even when you have the charger, finding the available wall outlet slots can be another issue. You have to decide which cable or electronic device should be removed to get a space for the charger. Now, let’s thank the new wall outlet extender with additional USB charging ports.

The wall outlet extender with built-in USB charging ports offers an easy and modern feature for you. These outlets are able to provide the same power as the regular USB phone charger and free up your AC outlet space.

Here are some of the best wall outlet extenders with USB charging ports.

#1 Addtam USB Wall Charger

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With over 27,000 ratings and 4.8 stars on Amazon, this USB wall outlet extender with a surge protector offers convenience and ease for buyers. The Addtam USB Wall Charger design is not that small, but able to provide several outlets to be plugged in on each side. 

There is a single outlet in the front, 3 USB-A plugs, and a USB-C outlet towards the top. There are also 4 additional AC outlets on the left and right side. Addtam is provided with a built-in surge protector for keeping your electrical system and gadget protected in the event of an unexpected power surge.

#2 Leviton T5625-T with USB Type C

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The second recommendation of the best wall outlet extender with USB charging ports is the Leviton T5625-T with USB Type C. This is simply a great choice if you would like to swap out the standard 15 Amp plugs in your with additional USB-C charging ports in your entire house.

This Leviton T5625-T has a 30W powerful charge on a single port, which is up to 2 times the charging power with PD-enabled devices. With its USB-C ports, it would deliver faster charging and is emerging as the standard port of many phones, tablets, and laptops. For your safety, it has built-in overcurrent protection to protect your gadget from unwanted receiving too much power.

#3 TopGreener Ultra High-Speed USB

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Even if the USB-C is the new standard for many electronic gadgets, the old USB-A will still be used for your old variant devices. This TopGreener Ultra High-Speed USB may be the perfect choice because it provides a USB-C and a USB-A port in a single wall outlet extender. Unfortunately, fast charging technology is still not supported in these accessories.

TopGreener Ultra High-Speed USB offers 15A tamper-resistant decorator power outlets for enhancing electrical safety and preventing unwanted objects from being inserted. It also meets the 2017 NEC Article406, 12R standard. You will get a 1-year warranty when buying this product.

#4 theOUTlet USB

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This theOUTlet USB wall outlet extender offers you an additional spare without having a big size. The additional outlet is hidden and folded into the wall when you don’t need them, providing a standard two-outlet extender. By pressing the side slider, two more outlets will pop out, creating four outlets and two USB-A charger ports. Twice the outlets, but not twice the wall space.

The theOUTlet USB is a permanently installed outlet extender that provides a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Even though it has almost double the price of another wall outlet extender with USB charging port, the offered efficiency is something worth buying.

#5 Ovitech Outlet with High-Speed Charging

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Ovitech Outlet with High-Speed Charging wall outlet extender offers you an efficient function without making a big cost. It has a 15A tamper-resistant wall outlet to provide a safety function preventing objects from being inserted into the outlet.

Ovitech Outlet with High-Speed Charging has two USB-A charging ports for high-speed charging. It is easy to install and you will get detailed instructions in the product package. Ovitech promises a 12-month warranty and it is ETL/CETL certified.

#6 ELEGRP USB Charger

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Having kids or pets in the house means you have to think and ensure safety. This ELEGRP USB Charger is a smart wall outlet extender that offers great safety features and power quality. 

ELEGRP USB Charger is able to detect how much optimal power is needed in the connected device. It is also protecting against under-powering and power surges. The tamper protection helps you to keep unwanted things from being jammed in the outlet and protect curious children from hurting themselves.

#7 EverElectrix 4-Pack USB Wall Outlets

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A house with many family members will increase the wall outlet slot demand. Usually, people will have more than one gadget in their daily usage. This EverElectrix 4-Pack USB Wall Outlet is a good option to be installed where charging devices is a constant necessity. 

This EverElectrix 4-Pack USB Wall Outlet comes with a four-pack with two USB-A ports provided per outlet. It has over-current protection and tamper-resistant shutters to increase safety usage. These wall outlets include 2 wall plates and are easy to install.

#8 One Beat Six Outlet Wall Surge Protector

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One Beat Six Outlet Wall Surge Protector is an option for you who want to increase the number of outlets without the need of installing multiple outlet extenders. This product comes in a two-pack and is able to give you 12 plug slots in total. It is also equipped with 2 USB-A in each outlet.

The One Beat Six Outlet Wall has a built-in surge protector that can ensure your device’s safety protection. Built in smart IC charging technology, multi-plug outlets can auto-detect your devices and maximize the fastest possible charging speed. Additionally, this product is fire-resistant and certified by ETL and ROHs, preventing you from overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, and also overheating.

#9 POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter

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This wall outlet extender with USB charging ports may have a bigger size than the previous recommendation, but this POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter has four USB-A charging ports on the upper side and three outlets on the bottom. It will maximize your wall space and provide plenty of charging slots.

POWRUI Multi Wall Outlet Adapter has a built-in surge protector which makes it perfect for electronic devices. The professional surge protector circuit could absorb much more energy from power spikes. You will get a 30-day return and 12-month replacement after-sale service after buying this product.

#10 POWRUI Six AC Outlet with Nightlight

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This is another wall outlet extender product from POWRUI with a multi-function USB outlet. It offers 2 USB fast charging ports, 3-sided power strip, with 6 adapter spaced outlets. Another feature, this outlet extender has an LED night light around the edges that is useful when in dark conditions.

The Smart night light is equipped with a dusk to dawn sensor that will automatically turn on when the lighting condition becomes insufficient. With a touch sensor, the light brightness can be adjusted with 3 brightness levels.

There are some considerations before choosing the best wall outlet extender with USB for you. You have to make sure that the products have enough total amperage and have the same connection type as your device. The design should be compact, able to maximize your wall space, and easy to install.