Abus Bordo 6000: Folding Lock for Bike with Anti-Theft Alarm


Nobody wants to leave their office after an exhausting day at work just to find their bike nowhere to be found. Well, it’s happening all the time. You might never be in that situation, but it could be you. Abus Bordo 6000 is a heavy-duty lock made of hardened steel which going to give thieves a hard time breaking it, even with machinery tools.

But they probably won’t even have time for that. The lock is hiding a special surprise; a 100 Db alarm will go off when the electronic sensors detect a movement. So, by the time the thief grabbing the lock, it will start ‘screaming’ and drawing attention to the bike — something thieves don’t want and therefore deter them.

As a nice addition, the lock adopts a folding design which makes it look small when stored and can be placed anywhere on your bike without interfering with other components.