Media Kit

Below are some materials you could use to display Sefsed on your website or other publication media. Please refer to the corresponding download link to get the full size without compression.

Sefsed Logo
Sefsed logo with transparent background – Download


Sefsed Logo 60 Percent White
Sefsed logo with light background – Download
Sefsed Logo Website Black
Sefsed logo with website dark – Download
Sefsed Logo 60 Percent Black
Sefsed logo with dark background – Download
Sefsed Logo Website White
Sefsed logo with website light – Download
sefsed default picture
Sefsed brand banner – Download


  • Lime green: #A5FECB
  • Vivid blue: #20BDFF
  • Magenta: #5433FF
  • Font used: Montserrat