Airthings View Plus Will Monitor the Room Air Quality Constantly 24/7


Check out the Airthings View Plus, a top-notch indoor air quality monitor with a range of sensors to give you detailed insights into your home environment. It measures particulate pollution, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radon, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

  • Multiple sensors: The View Plus offers a wide range of sensors to measure various aspects of your indoor air quality, giving you a holistic understanding of your environment.
  • Accurate particulate measurement: Although it may not differentiate between different particle sizes, the particulate sensor is calibrated to a scientific instrument, ensuring reliable readings within threshold limits recommended by the US EPA and European PM 2.5 AQI.
  • CO2 level monitoring: Discover if your room has adequate ventilation to keep CO2 levels in the green zone. You’ll be surprised to learn how CO2 levels can be affected by factors like occupancy and ventilation.
  • VOC detection: Get real-time data on volatile organic compounds, especially useful during activities like cooking that may release these compounds. Although further action based on VOC results may vary depending on the type of VOCs, this feature provides valuable insights into your indoor air quality.

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