Anker 737 Power Bank Features Gigantic 24.000mAh Capacity and 140W Fast Charging On-The-Go


A typical 10.000mAh power bank could recharge two phones before its capacity is depleted. Though sufficient, it won’t be enough to fill up more massive devices like tablets and laptops.

Introducing Anker 737 — a power that features a massive 24.000mAh capacity, enough to satisfy iPhone 13 five times or recharge iPad Pro from empty to full and still have a decent amount of energy left.

Not just beefy, its 140W fast charging could deliver power to a MacBook Pro from 0 to 40% in 40 minutes. Despite all of that, Anker 737 is relatively compact, allowing you to carry it with a bag and making sure your gadgets stay powered on the go.