5 Best Mini Hair Dryers Ideal for Travel

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For many people, hairstyle is an essential aspect of their physical appearance. A good hairstyle is a great self-confidence booster. Meanwhile, on the contrary, a bad hair day may cause a bad mood that potentially ruins someone’s motivation to leave the house. This situation indeed becomes a challenge for someone who loves or needs to travel a lot.

When traveling, it’s almost impossible to book a salon appointment every day just to look good and put together. However, we cannot neglect that maintaining a beauty routine is still very important during travel. This importance comes especially when you are on a business trip and want to stay alert of any unexpected come-across of clients. In this case, purchasing a good quality travel hair dryer is a must to look neat and professional every time.

Before investing in a travel hair dryer, there are certain qualities that you may want to consider. These qualities include powerful wattage, ionic technology, various features, and heat settings that you can adjust according to your hair condition. Moreover, you may also want to opt for travel hair dryers that are lightweight, easy to store, and compact, as you wouldn’t want to carry too much weight while traveling. 

After looking at some trending and top-rated travel hair dryer tools on Amazon, these are the five best mini hair dryers ideal for travel:

#1  Conair Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer

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The best recommended mini travel hair dryer is Conair Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer. Not only because it’s lightweight and compact and has a retractable cord, making it easy to pack, especially when you don’t want to carry a lot of weight for travel. While using this hair dryer, you will be guaranteed smooth and perfect locks with less damage.

Furthermore, the Conair Cord Keeper Travel Hair Dryer has a dual-voltage, so you can use it to travel internationally. Overall, it is a great mini hair styling tool for quick drying with a long-lasting hair styling effect. Plus, it is one of the most affordable mini hair dryer options.

#2 Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer

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Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Professional Hair Dryer is one of the best mini hair dryers you can choose for travel. This salon-quality hair dryer only weighs 14 ounces, making it very easy to carry and use during a trip.

Additionally, this hair dryer is equipped with ceramic technology that helps prevent heat damage while adding shine. Thus, if you’re looking for a hair dryer that can give you a salon-worthy look without adding weight to your stuffed luggage, this hair dryer is a perfect match.

#3 Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow Dryer

Do you want an effortless gorgeous blowout during travel? If the answer is yes, this Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow Dryer is the perfect mini hair dryer. Despite the small size, this hair dryer can deliver 100% of the performance of most full-sized dryers, thus giving you the perfect salon treatment anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, this lightweight and compact hair dryer dries hair in about 10 minutes and gives your hair a perfect sleek and shiny look. Thus, with its strong blowout capacity, speed, and compact design, this hair dryer is an excellent fit if you have a busy travel schedule. Additionally, this hair dryer is perfect if you barely have time to get ready in the morning.

#4 T3 Afar Lightweight Travel Size Hair Dryer

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Suppose you are looking for the best mini hair dryer that can solve your frizzy hair problems in no time. In that case, it is highly suggested that you start looking into this T3 Afar Lightweight Travel Size Hair Dryer. Thanks to its customizable heat and airflow settings, this hair dryer is always reliable to help you style your long, short, curly, straight, or dry hair at any time.

Besides its magic customizable heat and airflow settings, this hair dryer also features IonAir technology, which gently airstreams negative ions onto the hair. Thus, always expect a shiny and frizz-free blowout every time you finish using this tool. Furthermore, as displayed in its name, this hair dryer is also lightweight and easy to store.

#5 BaByliss Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer

The BaByliss Nano Titanium Travel Hair Dryer is the lightest and most compact travel hair dryer you will ever find. This mini travel hair dryer is equipped with a folding handle, which makes it super compact and easily fits into your travel bag. Not only that, but this hair dryer only weighs around 9 ounces, making it one of the smallest hair dryers you can find on the market.

However, the downside of this hair dryer is that it occasionally heats and shuts off mid-use. With this in mind, you may want to reconsider purchasing this item if you need a hair dryer that you can use for an extended period. Meanwhile, this hair dryer can be a great choice if you want a hair dryer just for a quick dry.

Whether you want to purchase the most expensive or the cheapest mini travel hair dryer on the market, each product has its strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, it would be best if you made sure that the hair dryer you choose fits your hair and travel condition best. 

For example, If you tend to move a lot, you may want to opt for a hair dryer that can give you an effortless blowout in no time. Meanwhile, if you have frizzy and curly hair, you can choose a vitamin-infused hair dryer to leave your hair smooth and shiny.