Charging Station Outlet with Vertical Wireless Charger

Original price was: $68.87.Current price is: $63.45.

In the era of battery-powered devices, having a dedicated charging station at your home might be a good improvement. But most charging station layout usually takes a lot of space and inefficient. Unless if you replace one of your home outlets with the Legrand Outlet Charging Station which comes with a Qi-certified wireless charger that designed vertically.

It has two conventional power sockets and one USB-A delivering up to 3.1 Ampere power. On the side, there is a wireless charger with a flexible mount to hold the phone securely. Since it virtually has no cable, you may call it the true wireless charger! Thanks to the transparent mount, it lets you see the overall content of the screen while being recharged, so you won’t miss anything important on the screen.