DJI Mini SE: Smallest Foldable Drone Features 3-Axis Gimbal


DJI has become a giant in the drone industry with its professional drones being sold at the price of a few thousand dollars. But that’s about to change. Over the years, the company managed to release some budget-oriented quadcopters while still offering the latest technology and better camera. And now DJI is pushing the limit when they announced the SE Mini.

It’s a drone that can fit on your palm, thanks to the foldable design. The total weight, including the battery, is shy of 250 grams. Yet, it houses a quality camera, capable of capturing 2.7K videos while hovering above buildings. The camera is attached directly to a minimized 3-axis gimbal that ensures a sharp and stable picture even in a windy atmosphere.

On top of that, DJI also offers some ‘simplified recording’ features that let you focused on flying while the software to the rest of the final touching work. For only $299, you will get the drone, its remote controller, battery, spare propellers, and other companion accessories. You couldn’t get a sweet deal like this anytime soon!