10 Emergency Travel Gadgets that Will Save Your Life

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Traveling can be terrifying. This is the time when you are away from the comfort and security of your home.  You could be in a life-threatening situation, and the only person who can help is yourself. That’s why it’s paramount to prepare for unexpected circumstances.

So, we have gathered ten items for travel that would be extremely helpful in an emergency situation. Whether you are traveling for a business, vacation, or family trip, be sure to check all of them because one could literally save your life.


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The current battery technology is like water. The bigger its capacity, the heavier and larger it becomes. So, if you want a power bank that is small and lightweight, it’s a good idea to pick one with a smaller capacity. And that’s where ChargeCard comes into action.

It is a power bank that is as thin as a few credit cards stacked together. You may even store it in a jeans pocket with no problem. The portable charger does indeed offer very limited power. It only has 2300 mAh of energy which won’t fully recharge any modern smartphone. Then again, it’s a compromise needed to make such a tiny power bank.

Life ID

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When you just collapsed, your only hope to survive is in the hand of first responders, and if they don’t know much about you, then the chance of surviving might be low. Let them know about your medical condition with LIFE ID.

It’s a QR code system in the form of a bracelet, necklace, keychain, and smartwatch sleeve that is expected to be always with you. Anyone who scans the code could see the life-saving information you provided on the web page.

You may tell about your blood type, medications, vaccinations, close contacts, insurance policies, and many more. LIFE ID doesn’t require a subscription. It’s just a one-time purchase and 100% free to use.

Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0

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Needless to say, an electrical outlet is nearly impossible to find when you are participating in outdoor activities. Hence, any gadget that can generate power for itself is always worth considering.

Introducing Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0. It is an inflatable lantern that features a solar panel to recharge its battery during the day. Thanks to the white LEDs, the lantern is very efficient – clocking at 50 hours of run on a single charge. On top of that, it offers a USB output, meaning you may utilize it as an emergency charger for your other gadgets.

VSSL First Aid Mini

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Some people are reluctant to carry a first aid box on their outdoor adventure simply because there is enough space for it. But a camping gear company, VSSL Gear, offers a solution that is guaranteed to be not cumbersome to carry. Introducing First Aid Mini.

It consists of a tube made out of durable aluminum, and it can store tons of first aid supplies like thermometers, blister pads, bandages, antiseptic wipes, and even some tools like tweezers and a sewing kit. Despite its small package, the tube is packed with a whopping 41 first-aid essentials. That’s more than your average first aid box.

Thanks to its cleverly designed palettes, you should have spare space to carry it anywhere you want to wander.

Lifestraw Peak Series

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LifeStraw is a household name when it comes to filtering sketchy water. With the Peak Series, the filter is reintroduced with a new ergonomic design and better performance. It can now clean up to 4000 liters of water from sources like rivers, lakes, and streams. Just to give you an idea, that’s the amount of water a person normally consumes for five years.

For a gear that is expected to be used infrequently, that might sound a bit overkill, but probably for a good reason. Unlike other water filters, Peak Series is claimed to have an unlimited shelf life. Meaning that you could store the filter for years, and it will still be capable of producing safe-to-drink water.

So, you don’t need to worry about the expiration date because LifeStraw will provide you with clean water whenever you need it.

She’s Birdie

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We live in a world where some places are just too dangerous for women. Therefore, taking extra precautions is necessary, especially if you frequently walk alone. She’s Birdie is a personal safety alarm designed to deter an attack.

Just pull the pin, and it will produce a very loud siren to attract the attention of other people around, so attackers would panic and leave you immediately. In addition to that, the device will produce a flashing strobe light to create a diversion and bring all the eyes to you.

Many customer testimonials show this alarm has prevented assaults from happening. It’s clear that She’s Birdie is a must-have tool for an avid solo female traveler.


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If just a safety alarm doesn’t make you feel safe, we hope the addition of the Hornet Plus Mini Stun Gun will make you more confident. Despite the tiny look, this personal defense device can deliver a high-voltage current to immobilize aggressors, allowing you to flee for safety. Also, the electricity noise it is produced will hopefully make any potential attacker hesitate to approach you.

The device has a built-in rechargeable battery, and it will let you know if it needs to be recharged. Hornet Plus comes with a keychain hook to attach to a purse, ensuring that it will always be within reach in case of an emergency.

Union T2S

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A hand warmer is an essential item if you want to keep your palms warm and comfortable during cold weather. Ocoopa Union T2S has four heat levels, and the device can maintain the temperature no matter how cold the climate may be.

With a massive 10.000 mAh battery, the warmer is expected to operate for up to 16 hours – enough to keep your hand not freezing throughout the day. The large battery isn’t only being used to generate heat. The device boasts a USB output to recharge a smartphone, headphone, or any small gadget.

What’s very interesting is the warmer actually came in two pieces, and each could be used independently. Hence, you may use them to warm both of your hands or share a piece to warm your close one.

Leatherman Free T4

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Multitool can be very useful in all sorts of situations, and perhaps you should carry it anywhere you go. Leatherman Free T4 has eleven of the most popular tools that are used frequently.

Although it’s not an EDC with the most tools, Free T4 focused more on the essentials, portability, and ease of use. It has a spring mechanism to instantly bring a tool into action with a push of a button. When you are done, the tool can be closed down and magnetically locked so it won’t accidentally pop up and harm you.

inReach Mini 2

garmin inreach mini 2

In rural areas, the mobile signal from BTS towers is basically non-existent. That’s why a satellite communication device like Garmin inReach Mini 2 makes sure you always have the means to communicate from anywhere around the world.

The device lets you call SOS in the event of distress. Furthermore, you may enjoy two-way messaging with the family at home to let them know how well you are doing – all without cellphone coverage. The inReach Mini 2 has a small screen to show a digital compass, real-time route, and even weather forecast.

We should mention that this device isn’t the cheapest satellite communicator available, but its subscription plan is a lot more affordable compared to competitors. And the fact that you could use it independently without a smartphone is an enticing point that is hard to resist.