Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller Can Automate the Irrigation in the Garden


Automate and simplify your garden irrigation with Eve Aqua. This smart watering device connects to popular hose systems, allowing you to set up to seven individual daily watering periods. Say goodbye to wasted water and flooding – Eve Aqua automatically shuts off the water flow after a specified time.

  • Autonomous schedules: Set up to seven individual daily watering periods, ensuring your garden receives the right amount of water every day.
  • Auto shut-off: Never worry about wasting water or flooding again – Eve Aqua automatically stops the water flow after a specified time.
  • Hassle-free setup: Compatible with popular hose systems and multi-channel water distributors, Eve Aqua installs in minutes and is ideal for complex watering tasks.
  • Bluetooth & Thread compatibility: With both Bluetooth and Thread support, Eve Aqua enhances your smart home network’s responsiveness and reach.
  • Water-resistant and UV-protected: Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, Eve Aqua is built to last season after season.
  • Water consumption monitoring: The Eve app continuously calculates the amount of water your garden consumes, providing insights for efficient watering.
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