Fingerprint Bike Lock: Instantly Unlock Your Bike With Your Fingertip


Conventional bike locks with keys have been around for decades and they are getting obsolete in some ways. Lost the key? Guess who has to go home by bus. But what if the key always with you? In fact, it’s something most of us born with. The MYPIN bike lock lets you unlock your bike with your fingertip in 0,5 seconds — much faster than a traditional key.

The lock houses a fingerprint sensor that can register 2 administrators and 18 additional users. The 110mAh battery is enough to be used more than 2000 times. Even when the battery is dead, the micro USB port allows it to recharge from a power bank or smartphone (if reversible charging supported). It comes with a mounting that is perfect for a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, and other tools.