FS-TFC Portable Water Filter Pump. Get Clean Water Anywhere

Original price was: $75.99.Current price is: $54.99.

Clean water is hard to come by when you are out of the grid. The FS-TFC water filtration system is a unique solution that provides clean water without electricity. It runs the purification process as long as you can pump it with a bare hand.

The system has 4 layers of filtration to ensure the water output is free from dirt, organics, metal ions, and cancer substances. With one minute of pumping, you could clean 1.5 liters of water. And depending on the water source quality, FS-TFC may last up to 8000 liters of filtration.

This system is come in handy for outdoor activities, such as travelers, backpackers, campers, hunters, and emergency survival.

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