5 Gadgets That Will Make Your Bicycle Harder to Steal

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Bicycles are being stolen a lot every day, and one day it could be yours! To reduce that risk from happening, you need to make sure that your bike is parked in a safe location and secured properly.

But oftentimes, thieves are prepared with an army of tools to cut their way through bicycle locks and chains. That’s why we have gathered five gadgets that will make your bicycle more secure and harder to steal so you can leave it parked with peace of mind.

With that said, let’s start with the first one!

Best automatic lock: I Lock it+


Locking your bike is undoubtedly important. But this process can be annoying, especially when you just make a quick stop. Don’t worry. I Lock It Plus will do it for you. This lock is nicely integrated into the frame, and it can prevent the bike from moving. It’s even better when combined with a strong cable or chain. The lock can wirelessly connect to your phone or a key fob and automatically locks itself when you are moving away. If you are not a fan of waiting for the lock to engage, you have the option to control the mechanism manually. And when you are approaching the bike, I Lock It Plus will detect you and automatically retract the shackle so you can start riding without touching the lock. In case you forgot to bring the key fob or if the phone battery is dead, I Lock It Plus can still be unlocked with a combination code, so you will always have a way to get back on the wheel.

Scare thieves away: WSDCAM Bicycle Alarm

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The last thing that thief wants is attention, and one way to make the people around to point their attention to your bicycle is by making it “screaming”. Enter WSDCAM Bicycle Alarm. It’s an alarm that is specifically made for bicycle owners. You can attach it to any place you like on your bike, and it will work like a charm. Now, there are plenty of alarms available on the market. But we specifically choose this one because it has a wider remote coverage, smaller size, rechargeable battery, and USB type C charging which is always appreciated. It has a built-in motion sensor to detect if the bike is moving. If that happens, the alarm will be triggered and produce a loud siren that will definitely scare off potential stealers — effectively keeping your bike safe. The siren offers seven levels of volume to make sure the noise it’s produced is not too faint or excessively loud. And if you don’t want it to go off on accidental movement, the alarm has three levels of sensitivity, from a gentle touch to a violent push. So it will only blast off when needed.

Rugged bicycle tracker: Cyclotrack V2

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While you can buy a regular GPS tracking device, it’s usually not designed for a bicycle. There is no mounting or attachment where the device can sit firmly. Cyclotrac V2 is a global tracking device that can be installed on a bicycle bottle cage without obstructing the function. Compared to a regular GPS tracker, Cyclotrac V2 is undeniably larger and heavier. But this design decision was made to ensure that the device is durable and hard to tamper. It has been shown the tracker remains attached and functional even after being hammered multiple times. Just like many GPS trackers, Cyclotrac requires a subscription that is going to cost less than $4 a month. But this is quite generous, considering other similar devices cost a lot more than that. If the bike is moving, Cyclotrac will send you an alert to your phone, and you will be given the real-time location of the vehicle anywhere in the world. This could be a helpful tool to help you reunite with the bike in case something happens to it.

Cost-efficient tracker: Apple AirTag


Not everyone is a fan of a subscription-based system, so we recommend Apple AirTag, especially if you already own an iPhone. To put it simply, AirTag uses a wide network of Apple users that automatically detects the device when it is nearby. Essentially, it’s like GPS but 100% free. There is even a guy who sent an AirTag to North Korea, and can still be located accurately. Now, you might be asking: Where could I mount this AirTag on my bike? Well, we have a variety of options, from concealing it under the bottle cage, bicycle bell, headset tub, or seat post reflector. Not only will these options keep the AirTag nicely hidden and safe, but they will also protect the tracker from water and weather exposure. Despite the expensive nature of Apple products, the AirTag is arguably the most economical solution to keep your bike stays on the radar.

Tamperproof accessories: Hexlox

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Just because thieves can’t steal the whole bike doesn’t mean they can’t steal anything else. We have a lot of cases where bicycle owners return to their two-wheeler only to realize some parts are missing. The reality is many bicycle components can be removed with a simple Allen wrench – a tool that virtually everybody has. Fortunately, we have a way to stop thieves from doing that. Hexlox is a locking system that can block any hex bolt on your bike. It is basically a small piece of magnet that clogs the bolt, so it can’t be loosened. This simple addition can easily be applied to a saddle, seat post, wheels, pedals, and many other bike parts. Then if any of these parts need to be serviced or replaced, you can use the Hexlox key to unclog the bolts before they can be removed. Therefore, the only person who can take them apart is you, which would make your bike safe, and stealing it is not worth the effort.