Gryphon Guardion: This WiFi Router Protects The Network and Gives More Parental Control

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We are not lacking news of spoofing, phishing, and malware that is unintentionally installed on a computer client. Gryphon Guardian is an advanced WiFi router armed with a handful of security measures to protect you from dangerous websites. Essentially, it has a built-in malware filter technology that minimizes the risk of the device getting infected.

But it’s not just protecting the device, Gryphon offers more parental control so your kids can use the internet safely. For example, you may block harmful websites, add a timer/schedule, filter search results, and more. It can even block the use of a VPN service in case someone wants to go around the fence.

While most things have to be set up via its app on a smartphone, other devices connected to the router will enjoy the same level of experience, safety, and security. Hence, it would only need a simple configuration before the rest of the family members can surf online safely.