HOTO Laser Measure Pro Lets You Measure Your Room Accurately


Laser Measure Pro is a smart home device that offers intuitive one-button operations, precise measurements, a brand-new design, high-capacity lithium batteries, and a lightweight and portable body.

  • Intuitive one-button operations: Easy-to-use with a single button design, including switching benchmarks and receiving soft vibration notifications when measurements are ready.
  • Five MODES: Measure distances, angles, angular heights, areas, and activate a virtual ruler for versatile applications.
  • Smart home device: Connects to your phone’s App via Bluetooth for extended memory, design blueprints, and on-photo annotations for a convenient and efficient measuring experience.
  • Precise to the millimeter: Systematic error of ±2mm, with measurements ranging from 0.05m to 50m, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Brand new design: Sleek and elegant with smooth lines, an aluminium alloy cord hole, and high-quality wear-resistant materials for durability.
  • Lightweight & portable: Weighs only 90g and offers comfortable handling with its petite size, yet delivers outstanding range capability.
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