‘Inkless’ Infinity Pencil That Can Outlast 100 Pencils


The good old wooden pencil we used in schools is probably not the most sustainable way of note-taking as it alone consumes 82.000 trees to make pencils. The Infinity Pencil company, although relatively small, has a big dream of changing this practice. They introduced TIP, a pencil or you may call it ‘inkless pen’ that is supposed to outlast 100 pencils.

One end of the pencil is served for a replaceable eraser, but the magic is at the opposite end. It is utilizing an ultra-compressed nib that won’t break while writing. Even if the nib got damaged or has reached the end of its lifespan, you may purchase the nib only without dispensing the whole pencil — saving money and reducing trash.

Another nice thing about Infinity Pencil is they are a part of the National Forest Foundation in the mission of planting 50 million trees. For every TIP purchased, the company committed to planting one tree through the foundation. So, you will get a usable product and help capture carbon from the air.