Insta360 Go 2: A Thumb-Sized Action Camera with High-Quality Video

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $269.99.

Traditional action cams are bulk and excessive considering most electronics have shrunk in size. The Insta360 GO 2 is the answer for anyone looking for an action cam that is small, lightweight, and has a much wider range of applications.

  • Just the size of a thumb, pretty small and you won’t look ridiculous when attaching it to your head.
  • Comes with various mounts for a flat surface, hat, helmet, t-shirt, or even your dog.
  • The camera sensor allows for up to 1440p 50fps video for a smooth and crisp picture.
  • HDR video mode to pump up the colors and get the result looks like it was edited by a professional.
  • Small, but last very long. The case can extend the battery life up to 150 minutes of video recording.