Jabra Speak 750 Speakerphone Allows You to Speak & Listen Clearly on Online Meetings

Original price was: $362.00.Current price is: $345.00.

With the online meeting emerging as a popular method to discuss and interact in a work environment, now more than ever we have to be careful when choosing our next office gear. With that said, the first thing to consider is making sure everybody can speak and be heard by other members.

The Jabra Speak 750 is a speakerphone engineered to do just that. It’s an online meeting speaker that features duplex audio, a technology that allows everyone, no matter the sitting position can speak and be heard simultaneously with clarity.

This device is ready to use as soon as it’s paired to a computer with a USB cable. However, it also offers a Bluetooth connection that is supposed to last up to 11 hours. Jabra Speak 750 is truly a versatile device for remote meetings and collaborations.