Kensington VeriMark is a Windows Hello Fingerprint Reader for Desktop PC


The fingerprint reader seems only available in the domain of laptops and tablets. But that’s certainly not true. With USB connectivity, desktop user can authenticate their identity with a tap of a fingertip. Kensington VeriMark is one of the best peripherals that allow you to do just that.

Unlike fingerprint readers for laptops, VeriMark comes with a 3.4 ft (1.2 m) cable to connect with the USB port while placing the sensor to the area that you are comfortable reaching. The device ensures high performance by enabling 360° readability, 2% FRR, and 0.001% FAR.

It’s natively compatible with Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business along with further support for FIDO 2F and FIDO2 WebAuthn. This is a much safer and quicker way to authenticate your identity than entering a typical password and PIN.