LG Signature OLED Rollable 65″ 4K TV


This is not your average 4K TV, this one has ‘Signature’ on it. The LG Signature is a lineup of ultra-premium products that guarantee to deliver the best quality and experience in the category. This time, LG is flexing its technological muscles by incorporating a rollable OLED screen that can hide nicely when not in use — camouflaging into a completely different piece of art in your living room.

At the bottom of the screen, a container box also stores pretty much everything you would expect for a TV at this price. But what’s interesting is the TV utilizes dozens of artificial intelligence (AI) for powering its system. AI can be found on the sound system, display, processor, upscaling technology, and of course, LG ThinQ to connect the TV with the rest of smart home devices.

LG only produces a limited number of its Signature rollable TVs. So, it’s natural to assume that only the quick and lucky ones can bring the product into their house. If you are interested, this could be the TV that changes your life — financially.