Lightweight 23 Pounds Folding E-bike: Hummingbird 2.0


Most e-bikes weighed no less than 45 pounds (20 kg), add a folding mechanism and it will be a lot heavier. This poses a problem to anyone wanting to bring their e-bike to an apartment, park inside an office room, or taking it to a bus. Hummingbird Electric Gen 2.0 is bizarrely lightweight, at 22.7 pounds (10 kg), it fits a 158Wh battery and 250-watt motor that has enough juice to achieve 50 km of pedal-assist ride.

And yet, it can be folded into a smaller dimension for storage or parking. According to Hummingbird, the folding mechanism should only take you 5 seconds of your time. Elsewhere, the bike boasts quality components, such as a carbon seat post, Shimano crankset, Schwalbe Kojak tire, Prodrive carbon fiber frames, and a battery that can last 3000 cycles — while most e-bikes only offer one-third of that.