LIMBO: This Self-Balancing Spinning Top Can Spin for 4 Hours!


Experience pure magic with LIMBO, the spinning top that defies physics! Watch in awe as it spins flawlessly for over 4 hours on just a 40-minute charge. LIMBO’s custom-made motor and intelligent speed control ensure a mesmerizing spin at 1000 RPM.

  • 🌪️ MAGICAL ART: Spins for hours, defying physics and amazing everyone.
  • 💪 SUPERBE QUALITY: High-quality metal construction for flawless spin and durability.
  • 🧘 TAKE A BREAK FROM REALITY: Relax and clear your mind while LIMBO spins for hours.
  • 💼 THE PERFECT EDC: Carry LIMBO with confidence and unleash its power anywhere.
  • 🏆 GUINNESS RECORD HOLDER: LIMBO spun for 27 hours, setting a new world record.

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