Logitech G603 Mouse Offers Dual Mode for Gaming & Regular Use

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $53.39.

Wireless gaming mice generally consume a lot of energy which makes them less appealing for non-gamers. Some might have to buy two mice; one for regular use and another for high-performance gaming. But can we combine these two into one?

Logitech G603 is the answer for that. It’s a wireless mouse you can use for productivity, browsing, and other trivial tasks. And when it’s time for play, the mouse could unleash its mighty performance. Aside from the 6 programmable buttons that would assist you in a competitive game, the mouse delivers a 1ms report rate which is the gold standard for a gaming mouse.

But would it hurt the battery lifespan? Thankfully, G603 can last up to 500 hours under the High mode. To make it more efficient, you may switch to Low mode for regular use which is promised to last up to 18 months from just a pair of AA batteries. Now, you always have an option for the best performance while preserving the mouse’s battery life.