Onyx Boox Palma is the Perfect Android Portable E-Reader


  • Ultra-portable design – With a phone-like form factor, the Palma is extremely lightweight and pocketable for reading anywhere.
  • Eye-friendly display – The 6.13″ Carta E Ink screen provides a paper-like reading experience that reduces eye strain.
  • Long battery life – A single charge powers up to weeks of reading time thanks to the energy-efficient e-ink display.
  • Android apps support – Install apps from the Google Play Store to read, listen to audiobooks, browse the web and more.
  • Expandable storage – Store thousands of ebooks with 128GB onboard capacity and microSD card slot for additional storage.

The key benefits focus on portability, display quality for extended reading sessions, long battery life, Android app ecosystem, and generous storage capacity. The conversational tone aims to connect with readers looking for the core useful features in a compact e-reader package.