How to Prevent GPU Card from Bending

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Most GPUs these days are getting bigger and heavier. This increases the risk of GPUs getting bend after being used for a long period of time. While the PCB may sustain minor sag, it could potentially damage the electrical component beneath it.

To stop your GPU from bending, here are some tips you could follow.

#1 Attach the GPU power connector from up to give extra support

PC Build
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The GPU power cable is quite rigid and it would affect the GPU depending on where is it coming from. If the cable coming from the bottom of the case, it will create an additional force that bends the card. Conversely, if the cable coming from the top side, then it will give additional support for the GPU.

So, check your GPU if you need some adjustment in cable management.

#2 Add a support bracket to keep the card level

GPU Support
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Another common practice to maintain the GPU look is by adding a bracket holder that will keep the card level. This bracket usually cost between $10 to $20 each and could support a variety of GPU size. If you have a big and heavy GPU, then this accessory is a must.

#3 Consider using GPU vertical mount design

Vertical GPU Mount
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If you love showing off your build, then this solution might be perfect. Instead of installing GPU horizontally, you can add a vertical mount to the expansion slot. Hence, the GPU fan will be facing the side of the case, making it more apparent compared to the traditional placement.

Not only it will make the overall build look solid, but it also prevents the card from bending since the GPU is installed vertically. It may occupy some of the expansion slots. But if you are okay with that, then this may be great for you.