ROVOGO Faucet Tells You Water Temperature By Changing its LED Color


It’s very hard to guess the water temperature just by looking at it. You may need to use your hand to feel it which could be bad if the water is really hot and instantly burn the skin. The ROVOGO High-Arc Faucet can tell you the water temperature by glowing different lighting colors in accordance with the temperature.

The faucet comes with a small LED located near the exit tube which can glow in three different colors; red to signify hot water, green for warm water, and blue for cold water. These readings are measured by the water temperature sensor within the faucet.

Amazingly, the entire system runs independently as the energy required is generated from a hydroelectric turbine. It would keep working as long as there is enough water flowing through the pipe. So there will be no maintenance whatsoever and you can keep your skin from burning hot water or blistering cold water.