ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 Laptop Introduces Second Display on Keyboard


Portable computers like laptops and tablets are often left out of the multi-screen party. Right now, the only option is either installing a multi-monitor add-on or utilizing your phone as the secondary display.

Fortunately, Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has found enough space on its keyboard to embed a second screen that will make your multitasking job faster.

The 17.3 inches laptop is accompanied by an 8 inches screen that can display various shortcuts and tools. In fact, you can mirror items from the main screen to make certain tasks easier.

Despite its large footprint, Lenovo managed to keep the weight reasonable at under 2 kilograms which is amazing considering its high-end hardware selection as well as its 70Whr battery that is enough to keep the machine running all day long.

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