TinyCircuits Thumby: The Smallest ‘Game Boy’ You Can Program


Game lover or not, you’re going to be stoked about our TinyCircuits Console! This pocket-sized powerhouse lets you code your own games, and its bright, crisp screen ensures a top-notch playing experience.

  • Compact and portable: This gadget truly is a ‘Game Boy’ in miniature form. It’s so tiny, it fits on a keychain!
  • Programmable: A haven for coders and tech-lovers. You can create your own mini-games on this console.
  • Bright, crisp OLED screen: Despite its small size, the screen display is clear and vivid, ensuring a great gaming experience.
  • Variety of games: It has an array of pre-installed games, and more can be easily downloaded from the website.
  • Ideal gift: Given its unique, mini design and functionality, it makes for a perfect gift to tech-loving friends.