Ultra-Light and Collapsible Movie Screen Projector

Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $60.00.

We have seen movie projectors are getting smarter, yet smaller in size over the years. However, the screen itself is usually the most difficult element to carry anywhere. Elite Screens come up with the idea of a pop-up projector screen that is easily foldable and only takes very little space in your car.

This screen is held together by a series of lightweight wires that can bend and fold in a specific way. Everything that is needed for the screen projector to stand up and stay stable is fit in a thin carrying bag with 32-inch in diameter. Meanwhile, the assembled screen size is a whopping 84 and 92 inches.

The Pop-up Cinema screen is a great companion for small movie projectors since they generally have much lower power and need a clean surface to provide clear image quality.