Unpluq NFC Tag Blocks Social Media Apps from Your Phone to Combat Addiction


How many times have you involuntary opened Instagram or TikTok during your working hours? Checking once or twice is okay, but it’s likely you cannot resist the temptation for just five minutes. An NFC tag called Unpluq is here to fight that.

By tapping your phone to Unpluq, it will block access and notifications to apps that are deemed to be non-productive. Apps like social media, news, and games will be locked, and the only way to open them is by tapping the phone again on the NFC tag.

Unpluq essentially becomes a gatekeeper that prevents you from opening these apps at the time when you are expected to be productive. To combat the addiction even further, you can put the tag in a different room so it will be less likely for social media apps for distracting you.

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