Vitamix FoodCycler: Turn Food Scarps Into Fertilizer for Plants


Food scraps in a trash bin will take weeks or even months to decompose, and while doing so, it introduces an unpleasant smell in your house. Unless, if you can speed up the process and produce the end product that is good for plants. The Vitamix FoodCycler does just that.

FoodCycler is a device that can quickly turn organic food scraps into fertilizer in mere hours. The 2-liter container is enough for most table and refrigerator scraps, including chicken bones. The overall size of the gizmo is relatively small and can sit nicely on a countertop.

The company reckoned turning food scraps into fertilizer could cut down waste by up to 90%. And to add a cherry on top, you receive free fertilizer — a good deal especially if there are many green plants around the house.

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