VTech Audio Baby Monitor Provides Soothing Sounds to Help Sleep


  • ???? The VTech DM1411 is an audio baby monitor and portable soother that helps keep your baby calm even on the go.
  • ???? It features 5 relaxing lullabies and 5 soothing sounds, including a trickling stream and white noise, to help your baby sleep.
  • ???? The device also includes a dimmable soft-glow night light for added comfort.
  • ???? Both the parent and baby units have built-in rechargeable batteries, offering up to 8 hours of portable operation.
  • ???? The monitor provides clear audio transmission and superior range, allowing you to move from room to room with up to 1,000 feet of range.
  • ???? Designed as a cute monkey, the soother’s tail can be attached almost anywhere, making it easy to carry around.
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