5 Best Bluetooth Wallet Tracker With The Longest Range

wallet tracker longest coverage

Have you ever spent hours searching for your lost wallet or keys? It’s a frustrating experience that can be easily solved with the help of Bluetooth trackers. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the five best Bluetooth wallet trackers with the longest range.

Not only will they help you quickly find your misplaced items, but some of them also utilize a vast network of users to accurately pinpoint their location from anywhere around the world.

By investing in one of these trackers, you can save yourself time and stress while ensuring that your valuable items are always within reach. Don’t let the fear of losing your wallet or keys ruin your day – read on to find the perfect Bluetooth tracker for your needs.

Tile Slim (240ft/76m)

Tile Slim 1-Pack. Thin Bluetooth Tracker, Wallet Finder and Item…
  • THE THIN TRACKER – Tile helps you keep track of your things. Slide the Tile Slim into wallets and luggage tags or attach to notebooks. Use our free app to find…
  • FIND NEARBY — Use the Tile app to ring your Tile when it’s within Bluetooth range, or ask your Smart Home device to find it for you.

The Tile Slim is a compact Bluetooth tracker that helps you keep track of your valuable items like wallets, phones, and more. It easily fits into your wallet and connects to the Tile app on your phone. With its loud ringtone and good range, you can quickly locate your misplaced items, even if they’re buried in clothing or between walls.

Even when outside of Bluetooth range, the app shows you the latest location on a map. No need to worry about losing your phone; simply double-press the button on the Tile to make it ring, even in silent mode. Benefit from the Tile Network, which helps find your lost items securely and anonymously.

Chipolo Card (200ft/60m)

Chipolo (2020 – Finder, Bluetooth Tracker for Keys, Bag, Item Finder….
  • FIND YOUR WALLET, TV REMOTE, PASSPORT OR PHONE: Put the Chipolo CARD into your wallet or attach it to your TV remote. Make the CARD ring from your phone with…
  • GET AN ALERT WHEN YOU LEAVE THINGS BEHIND: Chipolo finders will remind you to take your wallet with you with a friendly notification on your phone.

The Chipolo Card is a versatile Bluetooth tracker designed to help you keep track of your valuable belongings. This thin and compact device is perfect for wallets, as it easily slips inside without causing any inconvenience. With a loud sound that can be heard through piles of clothes and cabinets, you’ll never struggle to locate your misplaced wallet again.

The long-lasting battery ensures that you can rely on this tracker for an extended period. Setting up and using the Chipolo Card is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive app interface.  It also features the Chipolo network to quickly find your lost items.

Airbolt Card Tracker (780ft/238m)

AIRBOLT Card Tracker – Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Locator -…
  • NEVER LOSE YOUR THINGS AGAIN: Never lose track of or forget your wallet, phone, purse, luggage, or backpack with our smartphone controlled card size Bluetooth…
  • LOCATE NEAR OR FAR: Find your wallet, cell phone, backpack, or luggage quickly and easily with this slim, sleek location tracker that has a field range of…

This credit card-sized device is your perfect travel companion, ensuring peace of mind wherever you go. Slip it into your wallet, gear bag, or even laptop bag, and track its location using the free app. With its sleek design and next-level Bluetooth tracking accuracy, you’ll always know where your valuables are.

he card connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and when it detects that it’s separated from your phone, it sends an alert, preventing you from losing your wallet. Additionally, the card emits a loud alarm, making it easy to locate your wallet.

Eufy Tracker Card (260ft/80m)

eufy Security by Anker SmartTrack Card (Black, 1-Pack), Works with…
  • Works with Apple Find My: Use the pre-installed Find My* app and add Card to the Items tab.*Note: Android devices are not supported.
  • Ultra-Loud Alarm: Despite being only 2.4mm thick, Card can sound an alarm so loud you can hear it even if it’s covered.

The Eufy Tracker Card is a slim and stylish solution for keeping track of your wallet. It fits seamlessly into a slim wallet without adding bulk and comes in a neutral color. Setting up the tracker is a breeze, thanks to clear instructions. It works with FindMy on iOS, allowing you to easily locate your wallet if you’ve left it behind.

While it may not have precision tracking like some other options, it’s still a reliable investment. The only improvement could be a slightly louder jingle when tracking it. Overall, the Eufy Tracker Card is a worthwhile investment for anyone prone to misplacing their wallet.

Innway Card (98ft/30m)

Innway Card Classic – Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Finder…
  • THIN AND DURABLE – The Innway Card is 1.5 mm thin, making it easy to fit in your wallet, purse, or laptop and tablet case. Yet, it is thick enough to be…
  • RING YOUR INNWAY – Use the Innway app to make your Innway Card ring when it is nearby but out of sight. Follow the ringing to find your tagged item.

The Innway Card is a slim and water-resistant tracking card designed to help you keep track of your wallet or other valuable items. It offers a range of features to ensure you never lose your belongings again. The card is rechargeable and has a battery life of 3-6 months per charge. The accompanying app is user-friendly and allows you to easily locate your items within a general geographic area.

It also features a loud sound to help you find your items, even when they’re on silent mode. The app is free and provides real-time updates on the battery life of your card. With its sleek design and reliable functionality, the Innway Card is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable tracking solution.

These wallet trackers are primarily using Bluetooth and its network of users to find your belongings. But if you are an iPhone user, I highly recommend an AirTag wallet as it offers worldwide coverage with no extra charge. Or check out these AirTag holders to secure everyday stuff.