10 Must-Have Gadgets for Productive Remote Workers

Gadgets for Productive Remote Workers Sefsed

Remote work has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with the rise of technology, it’s easier than ever for people to work from home or other locations outside the traditional office environment. One of the key factors driving this trend is the ability of technology to increase productivity and improve comfort for remote workers.

In this article, we will explore 10 must-have gadgets for productive remote workers, including options for ergonomics, time management, connectivity, and organization. These gadgets can help you stay productive, comfortable, and healthy while working remotely.

Slate AX Pocket-Sized WiFi

GL.iNet GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) Pocket-Sized Wi-Fi 6 Gigabit Travel Router, Extender/Repeater for Hotel&Public Network, VPN Client&Server, OpenWrt, Adguard Home, USB 3.0, Network Storage, TF Card Slot
  • 【AXT1800 WiFi 6 Wireless Router】Slate AX offers powerful Wi-Fi 6 network connection with a dual-band combined Wi-Fi speed of 1800 Mbps (600 Mbps for 2.4GHz and 1200 Mbps for 5GHz). Enhance Wi-Fi performance with MU-MIMO, OFDMA, BSS color and able to connect to up to 120 devices simultaneously.

The GL.iNet Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) is a powerful and compact Wi-Fi 6 router that offers a range of features to enhance your internet experience. It runs on the latest OpenWrt 21.02 operating system, allowing you to customize the router and install applications based on your preferences.

With support for OpenVPN and WireGuard, you can browse securely on public Wi-Fi and access geo-restricted sites. The router’s sophisticated hardware design includes retractable antennas for easy storage and efficient heat dissipation.

It also comes with a powerful CPU, USB 3.0 port, and TF card slot for file sharing and installing third-party applications. With MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology, it can connect up to 120 devices simultaneously, making it perfect for home use or frequent travelers.

MOFT Smart Desk Mat

MOFT Multifunctional Desk Mat Water-Resistant PU Leather, Multi-Angle Laptop Stand, Tablet Stand, Phone Stand, Desktop Organizer, Adjustable Display Board
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MOFT Multifunctional Desk Mat Water-Resistant PU Leather, Multi-Angle Laptop Stand, Tablet Stand, Phone Stand, Desktop Organizer, Adjustable Display Board
  • [ Adjustable] Under the top layer of the mat, it’s a cinch to adjust the angle to 25° or 45°-60° through sliding. Managing your digital demands from each device becomes comfortable

The Moft Smart Desk Mat is the perfect organizer for your everyday digital life. It combines a desk mat, stand, and organization board into one sleek and compact design. With magnetic modular accessories, you can easily arrange and keep all your work essentials uncluttered and at your fingertips.

It elevates all your devices at once, allowing you to multitask on a level plane for uninterrupted continuity. Made of high-quality materials, it provides a comfortable and durable surface to work on.

Logitech Brio 301 Webcam with Privacy Shutter

Logitech Brio 301 Full HD Webcam with Privacy Shutter, Noise Reduction Microphone, USB-C, certified for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Auto Light Correction – Black
  • Be Your Best Self on Every Video Call: Full HD 1080p webcam resolution provides natural image quality, so you look like the real you on all meeting apps

The Logitech Brio 301 is a top-notch webcam designed for video meetings. With its Full HD resolution and auto light correction, you’ll always look professional and well-lit.

The noise-reducing microphone ensures crystal-clear audio, while the USB-C connectivity guarantees a fast and reliable connection. It’s certified for popular meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, making it a perfect fit for business use.

Plus, with its commitment to sustainability, Logitech incorporates recycled plastic and responsible packaging, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Xencelabs Quick Keys

XENCELABS Quick Keys for Pen Tablet, Pen Displays, 40 Customizable Shortcut Keys, OLED Display, Used Wired or Wirelessly for macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • XENCELABS Quick Keys: The Xencelabs Quick Keys enables artists to incorporate shortcut keys into their regular workflow through an easy-to-use interface. You can use the Quick Keys wired or wirelessly to a computer. A USB cable and a wireless dongle are included with your Quick Keys. Quick Keys is operational while being charged.

The Xencelabs Quick Keys is a wireless remote that allows you to create and assign shortcuts to your favorite tools and functions. It has 8 physical keys and a programmable dial, which can be used to control up to 40 different shortcuts.

The Quick Keys also has an OLED display, which shows you the current shortcut that is assigned to each key. The Quick Keys is a great way to improve your workflow and productivity.

It can be used with any software that supports keyboard shortcuts, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Ultimately, by assigning shortcuts to your favorite tools and functions, you can save time and improve your workflow.

nuphy Air75 Ultra-SLim Mechanical Keyboard

nuphy Air75 Mechanical Keyboard, 75% Low Profile Wireless Keyboard, Supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G and Wired Connection, Compatible with Windows and Mac OS Systems-Gateron Brown Switch
  • ⌨【Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard】:Air75 is an innovative, the thinnest mechanical keyboard on the market, use 75% layout (84 keys), thanks to the ultra-thin aluminum frame and advanced aluminum alloy stamping process, the thinnest point is only 16 mm. Like the membrane keyboard, there is no need for a wrist rest, and long-time use will not cause damage to the wrist.

The NuPhy Air75 is an ultra-slim wireless mechanical keyboard that is designed for both comfort and productivity. It features a 75% layout, which is compact and portable. The Air75 is also made with high-quality materials, including an aluminum alloy frame and PBT keycaps.

The Air75 is equipped with a low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection, which provides a smooth and responsive typing experience. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0, so you can connect it to multiple devices. The Air75 is hot-swappable, so you can easily change out the switches to customize the feel of the keyboard.

Overall, the NuPhy Air75 is a great option for people who are looking for a compact, portable, and high-quality wireless mechanical keyboard. It is perfect for both work and play.

Logitech Lift Ergonomic Mouse

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, Wireless, Bluetooth or Logi Bolt USB receiver, Quiet clicks, 4 buttons, compatible with Windows/macOS/iPadOS, Laptop, PC – Graphite
  • Lift yourself up: When the desk life gets you down, lift yourself up with Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse – a great fit for small to medium right hands

The Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is a comfortable and effective way to reduce wrist pain. The vertical design puts your wrist in a natural handshake position, which reduces muscle strain.

The soft grip and easy-to-reach buttons make it easy to use for long periods of time. The mouse also has a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

Additionally, the Logi Options+ software enables you to customize the mouse according to your preferences and even connect it to multiple devices simultaneously. 

Ticktime Pomodoro Timer

Ticktime Pomodoro Timer, Productivity Timer Cube, Hexagon Magnetic Flip Focus Timer, Mute & Adjustable Sound Alert, for Work, Office, ADHD, Task, 3/5/10/15/25/30min & Custom Countdown – Gray, 2 Pack
  • Super Easy to Use. Flip to Start the Countdown. The cube timer has 6 preset times countdown(3/5/10/15/25/30 minutes) which are activated by flipping the timer over, with the number facing up. Additionally, you can easily set custom countdown time by pressing the two buttons. Change the way you manage your time, and make every minute count.

This is a digital timer that can be used for a variety of purposes, including tracking pomodoro sessions, cooking, and exercising. It has a sleek design and a variety of features, including a countdown timer, an alarm, and a stopwatch.

The timer can also be used as a stopwatch to track how long you spend doing something. The timer is water-resistant, so you can use it in the kitchen or the bathroom without worrying about it getting wet. The timer has a sleek, minimalist design that will look good on any desktop.

Ultimately, this is a versatile and stylish digital timer that is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their productivity or track their progress. It is available in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your style.

Yeslamp Evo Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp

Yeslamp LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Evo Natural Spectrum,Professional Grade Adjustable Table Light with 6 Axis Swing Arm, Architect Desk Lamp for Painting, Reading, Home Office-Black
  • Professionalism: Exclusive LED lamp beads, color rendering index (CRI)>96, close to the natural spectrum, accurately restore the original color of things. This architect desk lamp meet perfectly the lighting needs of professional groups such as handcrafters, professional designers and painters. It can better protect the eyesight of you and your family when used for long time reading and studying, especially for children.

Looking for the perfect desk lamp that combines style, convenience, and functionality? Look no further than the Yeslamp Evo Adjustable Desk Lamp.

With its special LED beads featuring a Color Rendering Index (CRI) above 96, this lamp provides eye-friendly light that accurately restores the authentic colors of objects. Choose from 5 brightness levels and 5 color temperature options to create the perfect lighting for any occasion.

The lamp’s foldable long arm with multiple adjustable ranges and 6 rotation axes ensures you can find the ideal angle for your work. Plus, its sleek design and lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy metal arms make it a stylish addition to any space.

Apollo Ultra Graphene Power Bank

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The Elecjet Apollo Ultra is a small, powerful, and versatile charger that can charge a variety of devices quickly and efficiently. It is powered by proprietary graphene conductor, which allows it to be faster and last longer.

This power bank features USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, ensuring that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel, and the rapid charge technology ensures quick and efficient charging.

Nomodo Trio Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer/Cooler

Nomodo Trio Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler
  • ⚡ FAST WIRELESS CHARGING⚡: A great gift for dad this holiday season! The Nomodo Trio quickly charges your wireless capable device utilizing Qi Fast Charging technology. In today’s world, your phone is your lifeline. The Trio will keep it juiced while you kick @$$. Avoid pesky charging cords getting in your way by utilizing the Qi charging mat on your Trio. Set any Qi enabled device directly on the mat and watch your battery quickly go from zero to hero

The Nomodo Trio is the perfect desk accessory to declutter your space. With its wireless Qi charging dock, you can quickly charge your Qi-enabled devices without the hassle of extra charging cables.

Say goodbye to melted ice cubes in your drink, as the cooling plate keeps your beverages chilled to perfection. Additionally, the heating technology ensures that your drink stays at the ideal temperature.

Lastly, check out some tiny desktop fridges that you might want to use in your office. And while you are here, why not checking out cute interactive robots that will light up your day (yes, they belong to the working desktop).

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