Mimiq GO Portable Security Alarm Lets You Secure Anything Anytime

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Mimiq GO is revolutionizing the security industry with its cutting-edge features and versatility. With an impressive 120dB alarm and real-time notifications to your phone, it sets the benchmark for portable security. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Mimiq GO keeps you connected and protected wherever you are.

  • ???? 120dB Alarm: Powerful alarm ensures you never miss a potential threat.
  • ???? Real-Time Notifications: Get instant alerts on your phone when unauthorized movement or presence is detected.
  • ???? Indoor & Outdoor Use: Use it to monitor your home, gear, or even take it with you on your travels.
  • ???? Always Connected: Stay protected with Mimiq GO’s always-connected solution.
  • ???? Customizable Modes & Lights: Personalize your security settings and control the lights according to your preferences.
  • ???? 3 Month Rechargeable Battery: Enjoy long-lasting security without frequent charging.
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